An Ode to the Little Things

A Moment of Peace Goods is built on the idea that life is lived in the in-betweens. It is the little things that truly make up the fabric of who we are.

There's a chance that we look back on our lives and only remember the big moments. Births, deaths, weddings, graduations, holidays, big games, starting a new career. It feels as if they are the most significant things that have happened to us. But the reason these big moments even have a chance of existing is because of all of the in betweens. A Moment of Peace Goods is an ode to the little things. 

The little things are the building blocks but often live in the shadow of the highlights. My goal is to bring the little things into the light more often and encourage you to do the same simply through noticing them.  

Sometimes being present with yourself and others is a walk in the park and other times it is the most difficult thing that could be expected. I am of the mind that practice makes improvement. If we only do things when they are easy we will not have the opportunity to get better at them. (Me to my kids every time they don't want to go to hockey practice.)

I am not always good at seeing the moments of peace that are right in front of me. However, I continue to practice noticing them because I believe it is important and will lead to a better quality of life for me and for the people I love. 

A Moment of Peace Goods is meant to be a reminder. An embroidered reminder to enjoy and appreciate the moment you are in right now. Feel a little deeper, love a little harder, choose kindness and compassion for yourself and for others. It's the reminder that you can choose your response rather than be a victim of your reactions. It's a deep breath, a few extra seconds hugging a loved one, silver linings, and smelling roses (or at least giving them an appreciative glance).

Mindfulness is not reserved for hippies and monks (but if you are a hippy or a monk all the power to you!) It is for anyone who wants it. It doesn't need to take a lot of time. It doesn't require a journal or a yoga mat. It is a conscious effort to notice the moment you are in and decide what you are going to do with it rather than letting it pass you by never to be seen again. 

So here's to the little things, the in-betweens, and the moments of peace.  

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