Hi! I'm Alex.


Oh hey. I'm Alex. The creator of Peace. Just kidding. I can only help you to achieve Moments of Peace through coziness and shopping. 

Before the pandemic, I was working as a leadership coach and project manager at a Toronto based Coaching Company. It was a lovely place to work, with a great boss (spoiler, she's my Mom) and great clients. However, I also have three kiddos that I adore, who demanded an awful lot of my attention throughout a global pandemic. Go Figure. So in March of 2020, when my youngest babe was just shy of 2, I took what I thought would be a two week break from work while my kids were out out school. It has now been three years, and I'm finally getting back out there. This is not a dating profile, but it kind of feels like one. How much do you even need to know about the person who designs your sweatshirts anyways? Is this too much information? Feel free to skip to the shopping

Moving on. 

There are three things I love.

1) My people - My kids, my husband, my Mom and Dad, my sisters and their people, and my Grammie. These are my people. My ride or dies. You want to fight me? You'll be fighting them too. 

2) Design - I have probably always loved design, but I didn't really connect the dots until I designed my kitchen a few years ago. When I was a kid, I was constantly re-arranging furniture in my room, drawing floor plans for my dream house (hello secret kitchen stair case), and buying myself clothes with all of my hard earned cash. If it pleases the eye, it pleases me. We're talking eye-catching packaging, a well designed book, a gorgeous storefront. I'm sold.

3) Anything and everything cozy and comfortable. Be it an oversized sweatshirt, a warm blanket, or a crock pot full of my Mom's stew. If it's cozy or comfortable, you'll find me there. Bring me a latte in a beautiful mug that perfectly fits my hand, I'm yours forever. It's just that easy.

My littlest has now been in school for a year, and I've been spending some time figuring out what I want to do with my life. At risk of sounding ungrateful, I needed something for myself that wasn't about my kids, or their hockey schedules, while still allowing me the freedom and flexibility to be present for my kids during these formative years. I needed something that was about me.  So I decided to design a clothing brand. Something cozy and simple, with a touch of personality that I could wear day in and day out. Combining two of my three loves, design and comfort.

And my first design? "Hockey Mom". Yep. You read that right. My first act as a strong, independent, creative entrepreneur; designing a sweatshirt that lets the world know that I am a "HOCKEY MOM". And it's my favourite one too. Nothing like a cozy sweatshirt paired with a long wool coat at a freezing cold rink.

So turns out, finding myself in business also includes finding inspiration in the people and places I love. 

I hope you find something you love that will inspire you to enjoy your moments of peace. Even if it feels like they are few and far between. 

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